Every user of the equipment does so at their own risk. Neither the hirer or supplier can be held responsible for any personal loss or injury while the equipment is on hire on the agreed term.
No shoes are to be worn on the inflatable equipment or any other item of clothing or fashion that is liable to cause injury to others or damage to the equipment.
No food or drink is to be taken onto the inflatable equipment. This includes gum, sweets etc.
No smoking in or near the inflatable equipment.
Any soiling of the inflatable equipment must be cleaned up straight away with disinfectant.
Particular permission must be sought where a person wishing to use the inflatable equipment has a medical condition, disability or recent injury.
Body jewellery should be removed or covered with a plaster before entering the inflatable equipment.
Do not introduce water in anyway into the inflatable equipment unless otherwise stated. If ingression of rain occurs, mop up with towels as soon as possible.
The front cushion of the castles are designed for getting on and off. Do not allow playing on this part of the castle.
The inflatable perimeter walls are not to be played on.
Keep all balls in the ball pits. No throwing of balls is allowed.
If there is a central wall in one of the castle, it must be kept up when the castle is busy. Users can go over it or through it, but not keep it depressed.
Do not introduce any other play equipment to the inflatable equipment, other than supplied.
Use the proper entry and exit openings to the inflatable equipment. Do not go over the walls.
Check that the ground stakes are secure and do not present a hazard.
Frequently check that the blower equipment is fully functioning, is not blocked, and is secure to the castle.
Check that the electrical cabling and connections are safe.
In the case where generators are sourcing the power, check the fuel levels frequently and make sure that its kept running for the duration of the session.
Keep naked flames and lighted cigarettes away from all equipment.
Organise time and groups as you see fit but avoid mixing children of different ages or sizes if possible.
Keep shoes and belongings carefully, to avoid hazards and people tripping up.
Remove from the inflatable equipment, anyone who persistently does not heed safety instructions given by the organiser.
Everyone who goes on the inflatable equipment should be authorised by the organiser.
In no way must an organiser or user of the castle be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
At the allocated time, the castle must be shut down and deflated, making sure that the equipment is put in the bags provided for their storage, in order to be ready for collection.
We hope that the event is successful and runs smoothly.

Happy Bouncing!