Here at County Castles, we have been working on our collection of bouncy castles for many years. This is our most updated list of products, but if there is something you're looking for that is not listed, give us a call and we might be able to help. We can jazz up most of our bouncy castles with any themed banner you desire. From Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig, to Batman Lego and Paw Patrol. Any personal or popular designs are catered for. We have banners for all occasions.
This huge slide is perfect for outdoor parties during the summer months, with endless sliding on one of our most popular inflatables. Race friends and try not to fall down as you climb to the top of this giant castle! Suitable for all ages.

Clown Slide


26D x 16W x 26H (ft)  

Walk the plank with this pirate-themed bouncy castle! The Pirate Ship is one of our most popular inflatables, including obstacles and climbing on top of the bouncing fun! Suitable for ages up to 12 years.

Pirate Ship


30D x 15W x 10H (ft)  

This huge castle is great for corporate events such as fetes and school proms, with an interesting spelling of our little local town! Suitable for all ages.

'Klevedon' Castle


25D x 25W x 14H (ft)  

Taken from a section of our Arena Xtreme, this Football Shootout is great for budding David Beckham's! Can be set up indoors, or on grass to see how many footballs you can get into the net while friends try to block them! Suitable for all ages.

Arena Football Shootout (Beat the goalie)


25D x 25W x 12H (ft)  

This impressive beast of a bouncy castle offers 8 different exciting games! With detachable parts, you can customise this inflatable to introduce new games such as Human Table Football, 5-a-side Football, Gladiator duel and more! This inflatable is ideal for corporate events as it caters for large groups and can be completely sheltered from the elements. Of course this is not only a corporate bouncy castle, you can hire this all for yourself if you have the space! Suitable for all occasions and all ages. If you are limited on space, or you want this impressive inflatable to cater for a smaller party, we can offer you a half-section of the Arena Xtreme complete with 3 games and a base for unlimited bouncing at £250.

Arena Xtreme

from £750  

60D x 25W x 14H (ft)  

Have a blast with this Balloon Party bouncy castle! Great for birthday parties, celebrations and school leavers parties! Suitable for ages up to 16.

Balloon Party


10D x 12W x 9H (ft)  

The Basic castle is one of our more traditional bouncy castles. Ideal for themed birthday parties or even corporate events, they are perfect for personalising with our huge range of banners - from Transformers to Postman Pat! Suitable for all ages.

Basic Bouncy Castle


12D x 14W x 10H (ft)  

This value for money Bumper Castle is great for super bouncing in medium sized spaces! Not too big, not too small, this bouncy castle is just right! Suitable for ages up to 14 years.

Bumper Castle


13D x 15W x 10H (ft)  

Put your strength to the test with this challenging fast-paced Bungee Run! Race against friends to see who can place their marker the furthest before the harnesses pull you back! Popular for corporate events such as festivals, carnivals, school fairs and school leavers parties! Suitable for all ages.

Bungee Run


30D x 12W x 9H (ft)  

This fairly low-walled bouncy castle is perfect for smaller halls and gardens. Kids can hide in the ball pit, climb on the Inflatable Climbing Frame and enjoy the bouncy fun with this Castle Ball Pit! Suitable for ages 7-8.

Castle Ball Pit


12D x 12W x 7H (ft)  

One of our bigger castles, the Clown Castle is perfect for both small and larger parties, corporate events or school fairs. Join our friendly clown for some bouncing fun in this spacious castle. Suitable for all ages.

Clown Castle


20D x 20W x 11H (ft)  

Challenge friends and family to a battle of the strongest with our Gladiator Duel! The super bouncy base is taken from our Arena Xtreme and two inflatable podiums are added to create a wobbly surface for you to knock your opponent off! Helmets are included to keep those noggins safe! Suitable for all ages.

Gladiator Duel


25D x 25W (ft)  

This spooky ghost-themed Jasper Haunted Castle is a great addition to any party. Also perfect for school fairs, fetes and other corporate events. Spacious with high walls, children can bounce safely with our ghost friend Jasper! Suitable for children up to 13 years.

Jasper Haunted Castle


13D x 13W x 8H (ft)  

One of our most popular inflatables, particularly for corporate events - the Jungle Run Assault Course is great for the older children! Run through obstacles, climb through tunnels, and try to climb while racing friends and family with this endlessly fun Assault Course! Suitable for children up to 11 years.

Jungle Run Assault Course


40D x 15W x 10H (ft)  

This is one of our smaller bouncy castles which is ideal for smaller gardens or halls. It's super bouncy and customisable with banners to give your event a special theme. Suitable for children up to 11 years.

Junior Bouncy Castle


10D x 12W x 9H (ft)  

This bouncy castle is similar to our Pre-School Slide & Bounce, but for the bigger kids! Super bouncy and complete with a slide, they will have endless fun on this inflatable. Suitable for ages up to 14.

Large Bounce & Slide


12D x 17W x 10H (ft)  

Are you fast enough to be the Last Man Standing? This pedal-powered inflatable is challenging for both those who dare to try to escape it, and those who power the rotating arm! Great for corporate events in combination with some of our other survival games, or even on their own for a day of demanding games! Suitable for all ages.

Last Man Standing


16D x 16W x 4H (ft)  

This Low Wall Bouncy Castle is perfect for use in halls with ceilings less than 8 feet high. Spacious and super bouncy, this castle is suitable for children up to the age of 13. Children must be supervised, as with all of our castles.

Low Wall Bouncy Castle


12D x 12W x 7H (ft)  

Being our smallest bouncy castle, the Mini fits into most small spaces! So if you're worrying that your garden or hall is too small, this could be your answer. Suitable for children up to 5 years.

Mini Bouncy Castle


9D x 6W x 7H (ft)  

This unit is aptly named, as you will need a lot of energy to beat your friends through this course.  Ideal for corporate events, and for large parties. Suitable for all ages.

Obstacle Assault Course


33D x 12W x 13H (ft)  

One of our newest additions, the pop-up inflatable Tea Room has previously been used as a cosy pub or an intimate banquet area. It can comfortably seat 15+ people, more standing. Incredibly quaint and unusual, ideal for small gatherings and parties, or even large open events. Ideal to run alongside any hot food unit, selling cream teas, homemade cakes, light bites and hot/cold drinks.Assorted packages and prices available. If you're looking for a weekend hire, prices can be negotiated.

Pop-up Inflatable Tea Room


17D x 16W x 16H (ft)  

This bouncy castle is perfect for the little ones. As it's fairly low and compact, it fits well into smaller halls and gardens. Crash mats are provided for a safe landing when using the slide, and is suitable for children up to 5 years.

Pre-School Bounce & Slide


9D x 8W x 6H (ft)  

If you're looking for an underwater adventure for your pre-schoolers, look no further! They can crawl through the tunnels, into pirate ships, octopi and a shark's mouth with the flow of cool air from air pumps. Suitable for children up to 5 years.

Pre-School Sea Theme Pods


13D x 13W x 5H (ft)  

Come join Thomas, Bertie, Percy & Clarabel for a fun adventure! Perfect for children under 8 years, they can crawl through the carriages of our friends and keep cool with the air blowing throughout, which is ideal for outdoor parties in the summer months.

Pre-School Thomas The Tank Engine Pods


13D x 13W x 5H (ft)  

If you're looking for a spacious bouncy castle, with themed banners, then our Princess Bounce & Slide might be for you! This super bouncy pink castle pairs with Disney Princess banners to give your event a fairytale kind of fun! Suitable for children up to 6 years.

Princess Bounce & Slide


12D x 12W x 8H (ft)  

Resurrect this American inspired age-old field sport by battling your way over the goal line, pushing a 40kg ball! We have 2 sized Push Balls for teams of 5+, our smallest ball being suitable for children 8+, the larger ball for ages 13+. Are you man enough (or woman enough) to take on your opponents?

Push Ball

from £55  

7D x 7W x 7H (ft)  

If you think this looks like an ordinary Gladiator Duel-type inflatable, you are mistaken! The majestic podium moves with your weight, making it incredibly difficult to remain standing whilst trying to knock your opponent off! Great fun for corporate events, or in your back garden if it's big enough! Battle friends and family to become the victor! Suitable for all ages.



16D x 16W x 6H (ft)  

Join our mystery-solving friends on this Scooby-Doo themed bouncy castle! The Scooby Bounce & Slide features a fun bouncing area as well as a slide, for hours of fun! Great for indoor or outdoor use, this bouncy castle is suitable for children up to 6 years,

Scooby Bounce & Slide


12D x 12W x 8H (ft)  

The Space Castle has plenty of room for bouncing with high walls decorated with stars for an out-of-this-world experience! Suitable for all ages.

Space Castle


15D x 15W x 12H (ft)  

Our Standard bouncy castle is spacious and perfect for fitting into smaller gardens and halls. Popular for use in corporate events, and bouncy enough to keep you entertained for hours! Suitable for ages up to 14.

Standard Bouncy Castle


11D x 13W x 9H (ft)  

One of our larger standard bouncy castles, the Super Bouncy Castle like all of our others, is perfect for personalising with themed banners. Great for parties in halls, gardens, fetes and school fairs. Suitable for all ages.

Super Bouncy Castle


15D x 18W x 10H (ft)  

A unique twist on the traditional Sumo Suits, Super Hero Combat challenges you to battle friends and family in Super Hero themed Sumo Suits, while wearing Giant Boxing Gloves,IN AN INFLATABLE BOXING RING ! Suitable for ages 14+

Super Hero Combat


18D x 18W (ft)  

Our Tiger Ball Pit is a smaller bouncy castle similar to our Jungle Activity. With obstacles and tunnels to climb through and a ball pit to play in, the younger ones are sure to enjoy bouncing for hours!  Suitable for children up to 8 years.

Tiger Ball Pit


12D x 12W x 14H (ft)  

Air filled ball game for children and adults.  Using the air funnels, twist and climb the ball to the top - using skill and dexterity. Ideal for team building events.



4D x 4W x 5H (ft)  

Inflatable game that combines speed, accuracy, agility and fitness.  Perfect for children's parties, adult events,corporate fun days and school fairs

Wakka Tube


3D x 3W x 8H (ft)  

All prices listed above are approximate per standard hire. If you have additional requirements, you may be charged (such as staff to man the equipment, overnight hire, generators etc). Each inflatable will be provided with crash mats, stakes or weights, fan(s), safety instruction for your hired equipment and a copy of our hire agreement. A copy of our public liability can be given upon request. All children must be supervised when using our equipment.